• Living A Life of Illusion

    By / October 26, 2017 / Christ-likeness, Humility, Hypocrisy, Sin, Truth

    “Hey, don’t you know it’s a waste of your day Caught up in endless solutions That have no meaning Just another hunch, based upon jumping conclusions Backed up against a wall of confusion Caught up in endless solutions Living a life of illusion” —Joe Walsh Christian author Tony Campolo tells a story about criminals who… [read more]

  • The Delight of Obedience

    “When we love the Lord, obedience ceases to be a burden. Obedience becomes a delight.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin During the final week of Jesus’ earthly life, the run-ins with the religious people increase in frequency and intensity. They confront him with wave after wave of questions, designed to trick him into saying something so outrageous… [read more]

  • T-shirts and whitewashed tombs

    By / May 4, 2015 / Hypocrisy, Righteousness

    I love kids. Mostly. But one thing I truly love is talking with younger kids, like kids older than 3 and less than 6. That’s a really golden age when they know enough words to carry on a [somewhat] intelligent conversation, and for the most part are just plain honest. Oh sure, I realize kids… [read more]

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