• Reality Check

    Three years ago, Dr. Glenn Pemberton, a professor of Old Testament at Abilene Christian was one of the featured presenters at Austin Grad’s annual Sermon Seminar. Pemberton spoke on preaching from the psalms. If you don’t know Glenn, then you can’t really appreciate how he truly lives the psalms. Some time back, his house burned… [read more]

  • Youth Sunday — May 21, 2017

    Below is the recording from Sunday morning worship, May 21, 2017. Since our auditorium is not equipped with microphones to pick up the congregation’s singing, this recording does not include the singing. It includes Blake’s scripture reading & devo, Billy’s scripture reading, and Jonathan’s sermon on Four Steps to Winning or Losing our Youth.… [read more]

  • We can all be Shepherds

    By / August 23, 2016 / Christian life, Church, Family

    Anyone who owns, or worked with animals understands one thing: It takes a lot of hard work! You can’t expect an animal to understand and know how to take care of itself. Instinct helps the animal to survive, but if you really care about the animal, you will go the extra mile to truly care for… [read more]

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