• Connected to Christ

    By / July 27, 2017 / Church, Cross, Faith, Relationships

    Connections are important, aren’t they? I’m thankful that the pieces of my car are connected by bolts, nuts, screws, clamps and welds. I don’t want to drive 85 mph on SR130 without a measure of confidence that the wheels are not going to fly off the car. I’m glad to be connected to an electricity… [read more]

  • God of the Impossible

    “Not possible. I cannot do this! I am walking away!” Word said by millions of people for thousands of years. Bad job. Tough day. Bad marriage. Have you ever said this and walked away? What did it do to you or perhaps against you? We all face those “impossible” choices. Darkness looms in the recesses… [read more]

  • Provision in Troublesome Times

    By / April 19, 2017 / Abraham, Faith, Trials

    I was talking to Bob Mathews earlier this week. He enjoys stopping by the office to talk about the mission work in Malawi. And I always enjoy him sharing his joy. JOY IS CONTAGIOUS! He talked about certain donors who had really come through when the church needed a well dug or additional work done… [read more]

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