Youth Ministry

At Southern Hills we recognize the importance of bringing up our children so that they have the opportunities to encounter Jesus and decide to follow Him. The teen years are especially difficult for both teens and their parents. We want to actively partner with parents to provide the environment and activities that will nurture the hearts and minds of their children. Our ultimate purpose is that each teenager will make the decision to follow Jesus and keep that decision for the rest of their life.

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Our goals are:

  • Bring kids to Jesus
  • Foster an attitude of service
  • Provide a healthy social environment
  • Provide a community of support
  • Display a passion for Jesus
  • Explore the tough issues on all sides
  • Make disciples

Operation Snack Bag

We realize that teens need their own activities and space, but we also realize the benefit of multi-generational fellowship. We have our own activities but we also often gather together  with people from all phases of life: the old sharing their wisdom with the young and the young sharing their energy and inquisitiveness with the old.

TNT Nature Walk

Regular activities include:

  • Teen Night Together (TNT) on the 1st and 3rd Monday nights at various locations. A time for devotionals, fun, & fellowship.
  • Leadership Training for Christ to train our youth to be leaders in all aspect of God’s kingdom.


As we continue to grow in numbers and in spirit, we are constantly looking for new ideas, new activities, new service, and new workers. Come be a part of our growing ministry.