Download the Southern Hills app

It’s free! For iPhones/iPads, Android phones & tablets. (Windows phones/tablets coming soon.)

What you get…

  • Sermon recordings. Listen directly from the app. Download if you want to save one, or stream it if you just want to listen.
  • Sunday morning sermon slides. Access the slides during worship, or to reference later (upcoming Sunday’s slides uploaded on Friday).
  • Daily Bible Reading schedule.
  • SHCOC Blog. Read blog posts directly in the app.
  • Church event calendar
  • SHCOC Facebook posts. Facebook account not necessary to read short posts or to click through a link to blog posts & sermon recordings.
  • Home page includes chronological feed of all the above.
  • Prayer Wall. Post prayer requests or read others’ prayer requests.
  • Online Bible. Opens directly in the app.

After you download…

  • Answer “yes” (or OK, or whatever fits) to the questions about sending you notifications (we won’t send you many!) and about the app using your location.
  • If you’re in Buda, click the “near me” (or “close to me” or whatever it says) button. You should see SHCOC at or near the top of the resulting list.
  • If you’re not in Buda, or if you don’t see SHCOC in the list, search for “Southern Hills”, and you should see us.
  • Answer “yes” when it asks if you want SHCOC to be your Home congregation (if indeed you do, of course).


Download the app named ChurchLink or ChurchLink, LLC.

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